Grisilient LeadershipTM
for 2016 and Beyond.

The Philippine Executive Leadership Summit is a three day event that will immerse the country’s veteran and emerging business leaders into a fast-paced learning environment.
March 2 - 3, 2016
Grand Ballroom, EDSA Shangri-la, Pasig City
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About the event

The Philippine Executive Leadership Summit

The Philippine Executive Leadership Summit is a three-day event that will immerse the country’s veteran and emerging business leaders into a fast-paced learning environment with entirely fresh content, ideas, tools, and applications. Leading this groundbreaking event is the expert behind the Adversity Quotient® and GRIT of PEAK Learning Inc., Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, who is considered the world’s leading authority on the integration and application of GRIT and Resilience.

Studies have proven that GRIT and Resilience can accurately measure individual and organizational success in business and in other fields. They predict the ability to rise from adversity as well as the drive and dedication to achieving goals. Dr. Paul G. Stoltz will be leading the discussions with the country’s top and emerging business leaders to share the benefits and importance of the unique and powerful blend of GRIT and Resilience in today’s tumultuous and adversity-rich world.

About the host

Viventis Search Asia

VIVENTIS Search Asia is a leading recruitment solutions firm based in Metro Manila, Philippines that specializes in Executive Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Interim Management, and Profiling & Assessment. VIVENTIS serves companies across several industries such as BPO, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Shared Services, Financial Institutions, IT & Telecommunications, Industrial & Manufacturing and Real Estate.

As the company grows to provide more than search services to its clients, VIVENTIS is now bringing advanced assessment and profiling tools to companies located in and operating out of the Philippines. Among these tools are PEAK Learning Inc.’s AQ Profile® and GRIT GaugeTM which have been adopted by institutions such the Harvard Business School, MIT, INSEAD, Carnegie Mellon, and hundreds of industry leading companies in 63 countries.

About the co-presenter

PEAK Learning

PEAK Learning Inc. is a global research and consulting firm based in San Luis Obispo, California that has been authoring and developing talent development solutions since 1987. They are the world leader in assessing and strengthening human resilience within organizations. PEAK’s signature brand of products and programs are the most effective for learning and applying Adversity Quotient® methods – the most proven method of understanding, assessing, and strengthening the way people perform under demanding circumstances. PEAK is headed by Dr. Paul G Stoltz, the originator of AQ and Director of the Global Resilience Institute.


Dr. Paul G. Stoltz

Founder and CEO, Peak Learning Inc.

He is considered the world’s leading authority on the integration and application of grit and resilience and is the author of four international bestselling books on the subject (printed in 14 languages). He was voted by HR Magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Global Thinkers, and one of the 100 Most Influential Thinkers of Our Time by Executive Excellence. Dr. Stoltz guest lectures at MIT, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program. He is also a member of Stanford University’s Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series, was selected as the Millennial Thinker for Singapore, Thought Leader of the Year in Hong Kong, and is a top-rated international faculty member for the Young Presidents’ Organization. His newest book, GRIT—The New Science of What it Takes to Persevere, Flourish, Succeed is available now, in which he pioneers the rst construct for growing both the quantity and quality of one’s GRIT.

More speakers to come

We'll update you with more speakers to come.


March 2   |   March 3

March 2, 2016

Day 1 of the summit will cover a variety of topics that will illustrate how much the business and corporate landscape has changed over the years and what we as professionals should be watching out for in this new working environment. It will also highlight the importance of GRIT and Resiliency in different key facets of the corporate environment of today and the foreseeable future.

Dr. Paul Stoltz, along with several esteemed speakers will be sharing their expertise and insights on topics such as:

  • 2016 and Beyond: Embracing the New Realities and Rules for Success
  • Facilitated Conversation – Forging a Gritty, Resilient Culture
  • Business Leaders’ Panel – Thriving versus Surviving in Adversity-Rich Times
  • Redefining the Customer Experience: Harnessing Adversity to Fuel Growth and Results
  • The Female Advantage – Women’s Role in Leading through Adversity
  • • Building the Grisilient Organization and Team (with Q&A)

March 3, 2016

The Grisilient LeaderTM

GRIT and Resilience have emerged as the two most powerful forces of human accomplishment and leadership effectiveness. But either one alone, is insufficient for anyone trying to lead in today's tumultuous, adversity-rich times. It takes both.

The Grisilient Leader equips participants with a unique and powerful meld of the best of GRIT and Resilience, in one session, for the very first time.

The principles and tools offered in this high energy, fully engaging session have been adopted by Harvard Business School, MIT, INSEAD, Carnegie Mellon, and hundreds of industry-leading companies in 63 countries, as global best practices for growing leaders prepared to thrive in any circumstance.

AT&T, winner of Chief Learning Officer Magazine's coveted #1 Elite Award for the top corporate leadership development program in the world, made this content the center point of its top leadership program.

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